APRIL 06, 2014, Vol 64, No 07

Fr Henry Siew delves into the issue and the whole meaning of prayer

THERE are many needs in life and we desire to satisfy them all. And when we are confronted with difficulties and problems, we spontaneously turn to God, asking for His assistance, hoping that the problems can be resolved.

However, we do not always get what we ask for. Were there instances when people prayed for the seemingly impossible and miracles happened? Yes, but not often. Why not? Why does God not always help those who have recourse to Him? Why does He grant the petitions of some and disregard others? Does He really care?

On the contrary, if God answers positively every single prayer, would everyone be happy? Will the world be a better place?

Those people who demand an answer are normally quite self-centred. Imagine if 10 million people pray to strike the $10-million lottery and everyone has his or her prayer answered, how much would each one get?
KUALA LUMPUR – Msgr Marek Zalewski (right), counsellor of the apostolic nunciature in Malaysia, has been appointed by Pope Francis on March 25 as apostolic nuncio to Zimbabwe.

Following this announcement, Archbishop John Ha, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei congratulated Msgr Zalewski on his appointment, on behalf of the Conference.

In his message, Archbishop Ha said, “His rich experience serving in different countries, including the three countries of our Conference, puts him in good stead to play his role as Nuncio. We thank him for the services he has rendered us in the region of our Conference and in particular for his tireless groundwork to set up the Nunciature in Malaysia. We wish him God’s choicest blessings as he takes up his new appointment.”
Scene of Jesus (Diogo Morgado) being scourged in the movie, Son of God.Scene of Jesus (Diogo Morgado) being scourged in the movie, Son of God.

How do you tell a story that has been told many times, make it interesting and yet not stray too far from the original version?

Somehow, the upcoming movie Son of God (Twentieth Century Fox and Lightworkers Media) manages to do so with good acting, great soundtrack and impressive cinematography.

The good news (pun intended) is that at the end of the 138-minute show, you will not be squirming to get out of your seat.

The movie opens with an aged John the Apostle (Sebastian Knapp) reminiscing about Jesus. The audience is then taken through a brief biblical history, from Adam and Eve to Noah and the birth of Jesus.

Fast forward and we see an adult Jesus (Diogo Morgado) taking in the view atop a mountain. Then He begins His journey.
A meditation on Christ’s Passion held at CANA.A meditation on Christ’s Passion held at CANA.The place where joy and sorrow meet is a place of unknowing. It is the threshold where a paradox unfolds. Yet, it is precisely at this crossroads where people find themselves and renew their friendship with Christ.

On March 20, 21 and 23, a group of vocalists and musicians calling themselves Crossculture presented a meditation on the Passion of Christ titled Where Joy and Sorrow Meet.
21-year-old Singaporean Catholic Darren Chan shares his experience of reaching out to the poor during a recent trip to Iloilo
Darren Chan (extreme left) with some of the villagers that he met on the trip. Darren Chan (extreme left) with some of the villagers that he met on the trip.
I WENT on this mission trip with a group of 15 Catholics from Singapore from March 15 to 19 and it was my first time also travelling to see the damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan which badly affected Capiz and Carles located at the north-west of Iloilo city.