Dear readers,

I picked up a very interesting book recently, Questions and Answers by Pope Benedict XVI.  It was said that this Pope had a unique way of encountering various groups of people in the Church by having live Q&A sessions with them.

Now, that is quite a brave move for the Pope, as any “off the mark” response cannot be edited   on the spot.  So, I delved straight into the book to see what kind of impromptu responses this erudite Pope would give. I was not disappointed.  Some of the questions were those that I would myself have asked, and it was fortuitous then to find the answers in a single book given by the Pope himself, no less.

Here is a sampling of the encounters:

Timothy Radcliffe OP is one of the foremost spiritual writers in the Dominican tradition in the English speaking world. His works include the award winning What is the point of Being a Christian, the Seven Last Words, I Call You Friends and Why Go to Church - The Drama of the Eucharist which was selected by the Archbishop of Canterbury as the Lent Book of 2009.

Fr. Timothy Radcliffe will be in Singapore from 12 to 23 November.

Nov 09, SPI Newsletter: The self-centred Christian, the Catholic know-it-all-snob, the private Christian or even the most staunch scripture-quoting Sunday mass congregation are unlikely to turn the pages of this stirring and in-your-face-title “Why Go to Church - The Drama of the Eucharist”  without learning and picking up something new.

Read Jenny Ang's review on "Church Fathers", a book compilation of Pope Benedict XVI’s catecheses [teachings] at his weekly General Audience with the public from March 2007 to February 2008.

Dear readers,

With the celebration of the birth of Jesus just behind us and a new year filled with uncertainties and anxieties ahead of us, it is an opportune time to re-focus our lives on our Lord Jesus.  Jesus had said to his disciples and is saying to us now: “Instead, be concerned above everything else with the Kingdom of God and with what he requires of you, and he will provide all these other things.” (Matt 6:33).  Let’s take the humble step to organise our lives in accordance with this priority that Jesus is asking of us.