Church and World War II Era

Tragic Story Brought Back By Priests

Shanghai, Dec. 1. A terrible story has been brought to Shanghai by the French Father Delois and the Italian Father Bonnanatte after a long roundabout journey afoot through the bandit-infested countryside. The story tells of the destruction of the Catholic orphanage at Slashing on November 15th by Japanese air bombs killing eightysix Chinese orphans and causing the disappearance of 4 French and 5 Chinese sisters and 150 refugees.

Father Moulis, Superior of the Lazarists, has taken up the matter with the French Ambassador, M. Naggiar, in an attempt to ascertain the fate of the missing sisters and refugees.

Father Moulis said that Fathers Delois and Bonnanatte, reported that the Japanese bombed the Sisters of Charity orphanage at Kashing.
Broadcast Of Ordinary To H. M’s Canadian Forces “THERE is one institution that will not fail England and Her Empire in their hour of need, it is the Catholic Church.

British leaders seem to realise this, as they have spoken again and again of her salutary influence, commending particularly the efforts of the Pope to preserve peace, and his fearless condemnation of the subjugation of small and unoffending peoples to the yoke of Nazi tyranny."

So declared Mgr. S. L. NeUigan, D . D . , Bishop of Pernbroke,and Ordinary to His Majesty's Canadian Forces, in a broadcast from Tmonto. He spent some time in England last year.
Broke Solemn Promise On Religious Education

A CHARGE that the Nazis had deliberately broken their Pact with the Holy See in regard to religious education in Germany, was made by the Vatican Radio recently. "In the past, elementary schools belonged to the State, and had to be attended for a period of eight years," said the Vatican Radio ommentator. "Rigid respect for different religious persuasions was maintained, so that there were Catholic schools for Catholics, with Catholic textbooks, and Catholic teachers. It was so under the monarchy. It remained so under the Weimar Republic, and in Article 23 of the Concordat concluded between the Holy See and the present Reich in 1933, the latter solemnly promised to maintain those Catholic schools in existence, and increase them.
(By NCWC News Service)

Vienna. Austria's attachment to the Catholic Faith was expressed by Prince Starhemberg, Vice-Chancellor, in an oration he delivered during the celebrations held in Vienna in honour of a famous priest-statesman, Fr. Marco d'Aviano.

It was Fr. d'Aviano who, 250 years ago, brought about the alliance between the Hapsburg Emperor, Leopold I, the King of Poland, and the Republic ol Venice, which resulted in rescuing Europe from Turkish domination. His cause of Beatification was introduced in 1703, but came to a standstill. On the occasion of the present celebrations a telegram was sent to the Holy Father imploring him to raise the priest-statesman to the honours of the altar. It was signed by President Miklas, Cardinal Innitzer, Prince Starhemberg and Fr. Valstagna, General of the Capuchins.
(By N.C.W.C. News Service). New York, Dec, 14.
The Brothers of the Christian Schools here have received from a most reliable source details of the fate that befell a community of their Brothers in the Spanish radical uprising in the Province of Asturias. The community, composed of eight Spanish Brothers, was located in the small town of Turon, where the excesses were of the gravest kind. The school in which the Brothers were employed was an elementary one corresponding in grade to our American parochial schools.