OCTOBER 11, 2009, Vol59, No21

IN SINGAPORE'S high-pressure urban society, marriages can come unhinged if couples are not alert to the signs that they may need help.

The loving relationship that led to wedding bells can degenerate gradually into lacklustre partnerships where husbands and wives become emotionally detached and indifferent to one another.

Jobs get in the way. Having children adds new stresses. In-law issues may simmer and fester. Husbands and wives can pull apart, their sex lives may deteriorate, and arguments replace the sweet nothings of only a few years ago.
How can we truly respond to the call for us to consider the well-being of our neighbour in every aspect of our daily life?

Jason was driving home early one morning when he suddenly felt a thud and lost his grip on the steering wheel momentarily.

He managed to steady himself and peered in his rear mirror, spotting the culprit - a hole in the road. He knew that someone would get hurt eventually if no one did anything about it.

He pulled up to the side of the road, and called the traffic authority, explaining the seriousness of the situation. An emergency crew was soon on the way to fix the pothole.

Missioner Redemptorist Father Wee together with the parishioners gather in a circle for sharing and discussion during a group Mass.
Photo by Darren Boon

SINGAPORE – Joseph Ang and family have been living within the parish boundaries of Church of St. Stephen for over 10 years, but only in the last year have they begun to call it their parish. They were formerly from Church of the Risen Christ where their teenage son still attends catechism class.

The Angs were among the 310 families which the parish of St. Stephen hopes to reach out to with house-to-house visits as part of its Parish Mission.

The Parish Mission aims to bring about a sense of belonging and involvement among the parishioners of St. Stephen’s.
Photo by Daniel Tay

SINGAPORE – Father Gerard Weerakoon (photo) has been appointed Administrator of Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Ophir Road which takes effect on Oct 15.

The Administrator, or Parochial Administrator, as Father Gerard explained, is similar to the duties of a Parish Priest. An Administrator is appointed when the post of Parish Priest is left vacant.

This is the first time Father Gerard is being posted to a city district parish having previously served as Assistant Priest at Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Church of St. Francis Xavier, and currently Church of the Holy Spirit since December 2007.
Photo by Darren Boon

SINGAPORE – The Korean Catholic community in Singapore welcomed its new chaplain Father Louis Kim Soo Chang (photo) who arrived on Thursday Sep 17 to take up his new posting in Singapore. Father Kim replaces Father Peter Lee Myung Ho who returned to Korea on Sep 20.

This is Father Kim’s first overseas posting in the seven years of his priestly ministry. Father Kim, 36, who hails from the diocese of Chuncheon, will take up residence at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd so as to minister to the Korean Catholic community in Singapore.

Speaking with the help of an interpreter Anita Kim, Father Kim tells CatholicNews that although “it is a different experience going overseas to serve”, he is happy. He also shared that at one time, he wanted to go overseas to minister to Korean Catholics living abroad.