APRIL 12, 2009, VOL 59 NO. 8

WHEN THE RESURRECTED Jesus appears to the apostles, He imparts to them a profound experience of His glorified, bodily presence. This encounter not only gives them courage but also moves them to reflect on who Jesus is.

During His earthly life, Jesus walked with the apostles and shared a wide range of experiences with them. These types of human interaction are the privileged places in which God quietly lets us humans know that He is with us.


783 Elect will be baptised and 58 candidates (those who have already been baptised as non-Catholic Christians) received into the Catholic Church during the Easter Vigil celebrations. Following are three stories from those soon to “enter into new life” – Mimi Wong, Francis Ng and Joan Wong




SINGAPORE – “When we say that we represent a million Franciscans, people listen,” said Sister Denise Boyle, Executive Director of Franciscans International (FI). Sister Boyle was in Singapore recently to meet with the Franciscans here.

FI is a non-governmental organisation that represents the Franciscan family through General Consultative status at the UN where it works with other UN organisations to influence decision-makers on the global and regional level.

FI is concerned with four key areas: 1) the promotion and protection of human rights; 2) the eradication of poverty; 3) the environment; and 4) peace-making.

“We help people to become socially responsible citizens,” said Sister Boyle, explaining that FI is concerned with “giving someone the tools to assist others and as to how to make a positive difference for good in their own society”.

VATICAN CITY – While more and more people seem to have trouble seeing some of their actions as sins, the fact that so many people feel guilty means they are open to hearing about the need for confession, Pope Benedict XVI said.

SINGAPORE CATHOLICS WHO have left the Church and wish to come back may not know how to or are too embarrassed or nervous about it. Not to worry. Here’s a bit of advice and encouragement from four priests.

“They need to move away from the preoccupation with one’s sins and failures, and come to realise that the sacrament of confession is primarily the celebration of God’s love, mercy and forgiveness,” said Father Henry Siew. “Just pray for courage and take the first step. Once that happens, God will take care of the rest, and His peace and grace will fill the penitent with joy.”