I AM HAPPY and thank God for giving us a new church at Pasir Ris ("Church Of Divine Mercy" - CN, Mar 19). The draft design and the proposed floor plan of the church shows that much attention has been given to aesthetics.

It appears that in the past there was no body in the Archdiocese of Singapore to oversee and ensure strict adherence to rules with regards to the proper placements of dignified furniture in the sanctuary, especially the tabernacle which is to be situated in a most worthy place with the greatest honour.

As a result, in many new and renovated churches the tabernacle occupies a less prominent place than the presider's chair. Jesus appears to have been hidden in a corner in his very own home.

Churches vary greatly not only in architectural designs but also in distracting add-ons. It is hoped that we now have a body charged with the responsibility of ensuring that no deviations in norms and standards are allowed when building the new church at Pasir Ris.

    Nelson Quah


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