Mr Joshua Tan Mr Joshua Tan For 22-year-old Joshua Tan, becoming a Catholic has allowed him to share a special bond with friends and family members.

He had attended a Catholic primary school and some of his good friends are Catholics. His mother and sister are Catholic as well as his mother’s family, including his late maternal grandmother who had looked after him in his younger days.

While he had attended church previously, he stopped due to a lack of interest and belief, he shared.

However things changed when he experienced the support of others at a difficult time of his life – the passing on of his grandmother, and studies and relationship problems.

His mother and friends urged him to rely on God for strength, and to read the Bible, he recalled. However, they did not pressure him to become a Catholic.

Mr Tan later decided to join the RCIY at the Church of the Holy Spirit.

He said he enjoyed the journey as the participants and sponsors were around his age. He found it easy to communicate with them while having fun at the same time.

Nevertheless, there was always the temptation to skip the classes, he recalled, but everyone overcame this by praying together and encouraging one another.

He said the initial part of the journey was difficult as he had to juggle some personal commitments with the classes.

Mr Tan says he is now less hot-tempered, and has become more caring and understanding. He also hopes to spread joy to those around him.

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