Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we celebrate the Lunar New Year during this Year of Faith, I would like to express my best wishes to all Chinese Singaporeans that this feast may bring about an increase of faith and love for you and your families.

Faith is an expression of believing in God, even when we do not always understand God’s will in our lives.

To truly live faith-filled lives, we must rediscover a greater understanding of our Catholic faith. It is through a re-evangelisation of our own Catholic faith that we can reach out to our family members and to others in our society.

Faith never travels alone, it is always accompanied by hope and love. By focusing on strengthening our faith this Chinese New Year and the year ahead, we will also increase our hope in attaining heavenly glory, as well as sharing our love to those we most need it.

Let the red packets and gifts we give out at this happy time not only signify the sharing of temporal goods, but also the generous giving of our lives and talents in the service of others.

Let us also continue to offer together our fervent prayers for the Church in China, that Chinese Catholics may be steadfast witnesses of faith to the love that Jesus has shown us and to the Universal Church.

Wishing you all a faith-filled and blessed Chinese New Year!

Yours in Christ

Archbishop Nicholas Chia

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