Catholic songwriter Lu Dan Yan (with hat) performing with her Crimson Bird Band on Dec 30 at Blessed Sacrament Church.Catholic songwriter Lu Dan Yan (with hat) performing with her Crimson Bird Band on Dec 30 at Blessed Sacrament Church.A Taiwanese song-writer who composes Catholic faith-inspired songs played to an audience of about 300 people at Blessed Sacrament Church’s Damien Hall on Dec 30.

Lu Dan Yan, who goes by the pen name “Crimson Bird”, performed 10 of her compositions that evening with her Crimson Bird Band, and shared the inspiration behind her works.

One of her songs, for example, Flying against the Wind, was inspired by a visit to cancer stricken patients at a hospital, she said.

She told the audience she dedicated the song to those afflicted by the disease and hoped they would be able to overcome their sufferings with the love of God.

The evening’s performance opened with a performance by the St Cecilia Choir from the Commission for Apostolate of Mandarin-speaking in Singapore (CAMS). It ended with the choir performing a Hokkien number, God’s Full Blessings, with the Crimson Bird Band.

Agnes Kay from the St Cecilia Choir said she felt the concert went well despite both groups having little time to rehearse.

She said she especially liked one of Lu’s songs titled Perseverance, as she could identify with the song’s theme of not giving up despite difficult circumstances.

Lu started composing Gospel songs since 1991. A check on the Internet revealed that she has about 40 compositions to her name.

She had served as a pianist at a parish in Taipei since Primary Five. In 1994, she started a Catholic music group in her native Kaohsiung which attracted a number of young people in the diocese.

The concert was organised by CAMS.

By Darren Boon
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