Prof Tracey RowlandProf Tracey RowlandWell-known theologian Prof Tracey Rowland delivered a talk on the thinking of Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI on Dec 16.

The event was organised by the Apostolate for Catholic Truth and held in a café in South Bridge Road.

“Western civilisation is currently at the crossroads between ‘the civilisation of love’ and the ‘culture of death’”, said Prof Rowland, quoting Blessed John Paul II.

The culture of death is not only about abortion but a culture where grace, sacraments and mystery have no place, said the dean of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne, Australia.

Human life and relationships are also seen as accidents of biology and history, she added.

Prof Rowland, who is author of two books on the theology of Pope Benedict, also noted that the pope has emphasised the theological virtues of faith, hope, love, beauty and liturgical reform.

By Martin See
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