CHIJ Primary and Secondary (Toa Payoh)

The first Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ) school was established at the corner of Bras Basah Road and Victoria Street in 1854, the present CHIJMES.

In 1905, secondary education started when Senior Cambridge exams were introduced. In 1964, the school separated into primary and secondary sections. It then moved to Toa Payoh in 1983 and classes began the following year.

CHIJ Toa Payoh Primary School’s
niche co-curricular activities include the choir, handbells ensemble and dance club. These are strongly supported by a customised Arts (Music, Dance and Visual Art) curriculum.

In sports, the school’s niche areas include tennis and artistic gymnastics.

CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary School
has consistently done well academically. Distinction levels at the GCE O-Level Exams in all subjects are above national level.

The school also excels in sports such as netball, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics and track and field, and in performing arts co-curricular activities.

CHIJ Katong Primary and Katong Convent

CHIJ Katong Convent was set up as a private Primary English School in 1930 in Martia Road.

In 1932, the school became a government aided girls’ school. In 1950, a Senior Cambridge class was set up. To cope with growing enrolment, CHIJ Opera Estate was established in 1959 to accommodate the primary classes.

At the end of 1986, the secondary school moved from Martia Road to Marine Terrace. In 1990, the primary section merged with Opera Estate Convent, and returned to the former site at Martia Road.

CHIJ Katong Primary focuses on holistic education and its character development programmes are infused into both the core and non-core curriculum. The school won national inter-school medals in bowling and sailing competitions in 2010. It also won a bronze award for the Singapore Maths Olympiad for Primary Schools that year.

CHIJ Katong Convent Secondary has special programmes including Literature for All, Literary Arts, Speech and Drama, Student Leadership Development, Overseas Exchange, Service Learning and Arts Education, among others.

Students also excel in the performing arts, uniformed groups and sports. The school achieved the School Distinction Award in 2010 for its student-centric and values-driven processes.

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (CHIJ SNGS) was founded in 1933 as a Chinese medium grant-in-aid Catholic school. Starting with primary classes, it expanded into a full school by 1941.

It moved from Victoria St to Ang Mo Kio in 1985. CHIJ SNGS was one of nine schools designated as a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school in 1979.

The school received Autonomous School (AS) status in 1995 and the secondary section began to offer the Music Elective Programme (MEP) in 1997. The school will start the Integrated Programme (IP) in 2013.

A sports class was introduced in 2003 to provide support for the academic learning and skills training needs of sports talents in athletics, gymnastics and swimming.

A drama programme is also offered to all Secondary One pupils.

The school also places a high premium on the development of pupils’ characters. The school’s Leadership Development Programme is based on the value of service to others.

CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent

The school started in 1933 in response to an urgent need for a school to be set up in the squatter colony of Kampong Bahru.

In 1976, the school offered both primary and secondary classes before becoming a single-session secondary school in 1991.

It began operating from its site at Lower Delta in 1954. In 2010, it functioned at its holding premises at Queensway before moving back to its upgraded premises at Lower Delta in November 2011.

The school is well-known for its achievements in hockey, and obtained niche development status in 2008. The school also leverages on Direct School Admission to recruit talents from hockey-playing primary schools.

St Theresa’s has received MOE Sustained Achievement Awards for aesthetics and sports, Development Awards for character development and national education, and People Developer Standard and Singapore Quality Class awards.

CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent

St Joseph’s Convent began as a private school in 1938 in a rented house in Flower Road. At that time, there were 21 pupils and a staff comprising one IJ nun and two teachers.

In 1951, the school moved to Hillside Drive. Primary classes were phased out in the 1960s and by 1975, the school became a purely secondary ones. For years, the girls were known to be formidable opponents in netball.

The school has won a gold award in drama, and a gold with honours and a silver for dance at the Singapore Youth Festival.

CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

The former CHIJ Bukit Timah school was founded in 1955. It was housed temporarily at the St Joseph Sino-English School and moved to its present premises in 1957 at Chestnut Drive.

From 1975, the school became a full primary school. The school was rebuilt under the PRIME project 2005-2007. During that period, it functioned at its holding premises at Jalan Jurong Kechil.

The school moved back to its brand new campus at Chestnut Drive with up-to-date physical infrastructure and facilities to provide a better environment for its pupils to develop their potential.

This year, the school were the champions in the West Zone Netball Championships in the junior and senior category. At the Singapore Youth Festival, the school won a gold for its choir and silver in the band, international dance and Chinese dance categories.

CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity

In mid 1950s, Rev Mother St John, the Mother Superior at the time, realised the need for a girls’ school in Ponggol.

She approached the archbishop, who agreed to the proposal, and provided the land for the project. In 1957, the school was set up. In 2001, CHIJ Ponggol was renamed CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity.

The school’s strengths are in visual arts, music, aesthetics and sports. This year the school won the Character Development Award 2011-2014, and received a silver for the Cherish award.

It won a Singapore Youth Festival gold award and international silver for Chinese dance. The school came in second for the Netball North Zone competition.

CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel

The school was established in 1960 at Cooling Close, Serangoon Gardens. It became a full school in 1967.

In 1970, it became a primary school as the secondary pupils were transferred to St Joseph’s Convent. These two schools have remained affiliated over the years.

In mid 1980, the school was renovated and its main gate relocated to Burghley Drive. This extension was completed in 1988.

In June 2004, the school was relocated to holding premises in Ang Mo Kio to facilitate its rebuilding. Construction was completed in 2007.

The school’s strength is in wushu sports where they won several events in the National Inter-Primary School Championships in 2010. That year, the school also received two silvers and a bronze for dance at the Singapore Youth Festival.

CHIJ Kellock

CHIJ Kellock started as Our Lady of Lourdes School in Ophir Road conducting primary level classes in makeshift classrooms.

When the decision was made to demolish the classrooms in 1959, the pupils were moved to Victoria Street.

With the increase in the number of pupils, a new primary school became necessary. In 1964, CHIJ Kellock was established and pupils transferred there.

In 2002, the school was relocated to Bukit Teresa.

In 2010, the school received a distinction award in the Writer’s Ignite National Writing Competition. It also came in third for the Inter-Primary School Mathematics and Science Competition.

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