Letter from Peter Andrew (Published in an edited form in CN03/06, Feb 05) 

I am wondering if the churches are contemplating upgrading their  present methods of teaching  Catechism.

I see that we are still using textbooks that are cumbersome and expensive. Further, these books are frequently being revised after which they cannot be recycled. We have to do away with this concept as it also frightens children and make than less enthusiastic in attending Sunday classes, as it reminds them of school.

I am sad to note that in terms of using the multimedia and high technology to the benefit of teaching, some churches are rather backwards. By now we should be equipping all Catechism classrooms with audiovisual equipment. It is about time that we do away with textbooks and teach using sights and sounds.

There seems to be a lack of effort in pushing for this change. Although these equipments could be costly can the churches canvas together and make purchases in bulk order thus reducing the cost. It would be a worthwhile investment. However, the catechists must be trained and are willing to learn. Hope that this could be implemented and the children can come to Sunday classes "hands-free". By the way I am very impressed with the Catholic News website. Keep it up, Father Johnson and team.

    Peter Andrew

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