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Article paints Catholic Church as uncaring (CN, Mar 2, 2008)

Unfair finger pointing (CN, Mar 2, 2008)



Reach out to people with special needs (CN, Jan 20, 2008)

Why criticize Tony Blair's entry into Catholic Church (CN, Jan 20, 2008)

Shocked at Mark van Cuylenburg's remarks (CN, Jan 20, 2008)


What's wrong with 'The Golden Compass'? (CN, Dec 23, 2007)

Boring show (CN, Dec 23, 2007)

In response to "Death Penalty: Do we have a moral case?" (Dec 2, 2007)

Not advisable to donate human eggs for stem-cell research (CN, Dec 9, 2007)

Death penalty: Do we have a moral case? (CN, Dec 9, 2007)

Facilities for babies needed (CN, Dec 9, 2007)

Peace be with you, always (CN, Dec 9, 2007)

Facilities for babies needed (CN, Nov 25, 2007)

Fr. Damien Centre costs $4.5 million (CN, Nov 25, 2007)

What's a Catholic to do? (CN, Nov 11, 2007)

Parents to drive sex education (CN, Oct 28, 2007)

Improve pastoral care in hospitals (CN, Oct 14, 2007)

How does church view sex-change operations (CN, Oct 14, 2007)

Abortion rights vs animal rights: Unfair to compare (CN, Oct 14, 2007)

Keep silence at all times during Mass (CN, Sep 30, 2007)

A reminder to respect the Word (CN, Sep 30, 2007)

Church needs to address social issues (CN, Sep 30, 2007)

Ready to volunteer dog to help children read (CN, Sep 30, 2007)

Census goals praiseworthy but important issues not covered (CN, Sep 16, 2007)

Respect for the Word not observed by latecomers (CN, Sep 16, 2007)

Do's and Dont's at Mass (CN, Sep 16, 2007)

Is adultery a graver sin? (Sep 12, 2007)

Remembering parishioners who have died (CN, Sep 2, 2007)

Loss of architectural heritage (CN, Sep 2, 2007)

Support ban of Naju Marian shrine with good reasons (CN, Sep 2, 2007)

Can Catholics still support Amnesty International? (CN, Aug 19, 2007)

More viewpoints on guidelines for dressing at Mass (CN, Aug 5, 2007)

Articles on 120 Chinese martyrs moved me to tears (CN, Aug 5, 2007)

Father P. J. O'Neill gave so much of himself to others (CN, Aug 5, 2007)

Traditionalism extends beyond the liturgy (Aug 2, 2007)

On guidelines for dressing at Mass (CN, Jul 22, 2007)

VIEWPOINTS on dressing for Mass (CN, Jul 22, 2007)

Articles on 120 Chinese martyrs promote hatred for their persecutors? (CN, Jul 22, 2007)

On demands that cannot be met (CN, Jul 22, 2007)

Add 11th commandment: "Don't drive when you drink" (CN, Jul 22, 2007)

Needs of the elderly (CN, Jul 22, 2007)

Father O'Neill was a champion for youths (CN, Jul 22, 2007)

Looking forward to joining Christian meditation group in Singapore (CN, Jul 22, 2007)

Reading trashy magazines in church (CN, Jul 8, 2007)

Guidelines for dressing at Mass unnecessary (CN, Jul 8, 2007)

Dressing right shows respect to other worshippers (CN, Jul 8, 2007)

Articles on 120 Chinese martyrs promote hatred for their persecutors (CN, Jul 8, 2007)

Poor Tanzanians happy with makeshift church (CN, Jul 8, 2007)

Living in conformity with poorer countries is absurd (CN, Jul 8, 2007)

Don't forget needs of elderly (CN, Jul 8, 2007)

No uniform text for reciting rosary (CN, Jul 8, 2007)

Give guidelines for dressing at Mass (CN, Jun 24, 2007)

Will Catholic churches and schools raise funds for the mentally ill? (CN, Jun 24, 2007)

New series on religion helpful (CN, Jun 24, 2007)

Have more stories on local church history (CN, Jun 24, 2007)

Demands that cannot be met (CN, Jun 24, 2007)

Healing or New Age in Olivia Newton-John music? (CN, Jun 10, 2007)

Churches must be more transparent (CN, Jun 10, 2007)

Fund raising rules apply to church and its social services (CN, Jun 10, 2007)

Phone jamming device at Mass (CN, Jun 10, 2007)

Right location not enough (CN, Jun 10, 2007)

"Yes" to more parish news (CN, Jun 10, 2007)

On facilities for nursing mothers (CN, Jun 10, 2007)

Catholics do not worship idols (CN, May 27, 2007)

Do fund raising rules apply to church and its social services? (CN, May 27, 2007)

Inspiring is the way to go (CN, May 27, 2007)

Attending Mass is no more serene (CN, May 27, 2007)

Look at publicity and logistics of official events (CN, May 27, 2007)

Demands that cannot be met (CN, May 27, 2007)

Repercussion in doing away with limbo (CN, May 27, 2007)

Is it a sin to work in a casino? (CN, May 13, 2007)

Overcoming words that hurt (CN, May 13, 2007)

Unhygienic offering of host (CN, May 13, 2007)

Disappointing turnout at pope's second anniversary Mass (CN, May 13, 2007)

Facilities for babies and toddlers needed (CN, May 13, 2007)

The passion of Blacksburg (CN, May 13, 2007)

On "The 'Karaoke Church'" (CN, Apr 29, 2007)

Use "Journeys of Faith" as evangelization tool (CN, Apr 29, 2007)

Abortion is most evil sin (CN, Apr 29, 2007)

Bring the troops home now (CN, Apr 29, 2007)

Time to learn the lessons of the terrible conflict in Iraq (CN, Apr 15, 2007)

There is more to life than making money (CN, Apr 15, 2007)

Shocked at "holy" son's pornography addiction (CN, Apr 15, 2007)

Influenced by Father Desmond Reid to be a Jesuit (CN, Apr 15, 2007)

Sung Masses (Apr 4, 2007)

The message girls absorb about sexuality (CN, Apr 1, 2007)

The Internet trap (CN, Apr 1, 2007)

Desire to hit jackpot does not make a man love God less (CN, Apr 1, 2007)

Catholic teaching on morality of human organ trading and definition of brain death (CN, Apr 1, 2007)

What is the official stand of the Catholic Church on organ trading? (CN, Mar 18, 2007)

Give hope in addition to money this Lent (CN, Mar 18, 2007)

Moral aspects of pain (CN, Mar 18, 2007)

Book that can help Catholics make a difference this Lent (CN, Mar 16, 2007)

Church must help mentally ill (CN, Mar 5, 2007)

Keep a plant-based diet to save the earth (CN, Mar 4, 2007)

How low is commitment ranked among young adults (CN, Mar 4, 2007)

Clarification of "Are people with homosexual orientation welcome in the Catholic Church?" (CN, Feb 4, 2007)

It's a plea for understanding (CN, Feb 4, 2007)

There is a lack of understanding (CN, Feb 4, 2007)

Don't accuse; help them (CN, Feb 4, 2007)

Free or low-cost Bibles for evangelization (CN, Jan 22, 2007)

More confident now in serving church (CN, Jan 21, 2007)

Not in line with church teaching (CN, Jan 21, 2007)

Shocked (CN, Jan 21, 2007)

Mixed feelings (CN, Jan 21, 2007)

Priest's view is disturbing (CN, Jan 21, 2007)

Are we really ignorant? (CN, Jan 21, 2007)

On obedience to church teaching (CN, Jan 7, 2007)

Are homosexuals welcome in the Catholic Church (CN, Jan 7, 2007)

"Reverence to the Most Holy Eucharist" article an eye-opener (CN, Jan 7, 2007)

Have shuttle bus service for elderly (CN, Jan 7, 2007)

Impressed by Father Aloysius Ong's homily (CN, Jan 7, 2007)

Reach out in Hokkien dialect (CN, Jan 7, 2007)

Proper placement of furniture in sanctuary to honour the Eucharistic Lord (CN, Jan 5, 2007)


On silence and reverence at Mass (CN, Dec 10, 2006)

Use money for things of spiritual worth (CN, Dec 10, 2006)

Why not receive the real Body of Jesus while kneeling? (Nov 28, 2006)

Use church money to buy spiritual worth (Nov 28, 2006)

Living wills: What about the disabled and mentally ill? (CN, Nov 26, 2006)

"Decorum at Mass" article timely (CN, Nov 26, 2006)

Consider older candidates too for the seminary (CN, Nov 26, 2006)

Exposure to world necessary to be good priest (CN, Nov 26, 2006)

Unqualified headline causes concern? (CN, Nov 26, 2006)

Ensure church leaders set good example (CN, Nov 26, 2006)

Mistaken identity (CN, Nov 21, 2006)

How to ensure a favourable judgement? (Nov 19, 2006)

Silence and reverence at Mass (Nov 15, 2006)

Are children welcome at Mass? : the last words (CN, Nov 12, 2006)

Do Christians and Muslim worship the same God? (CN, Nov 12, 2006)

On Holy Communion (CN, Nov 12, 2006)

Thanks, Carmelite Fathers, for the beautiful and inspiring Infant Jesus devotion (CN, Nov 10, 2006)

Instances of gross irreverence shown towards the Holy Eucharist (Nov 8, 2006)

"Are children welcome at Mass" debate should be viewed as "Are children catered to during Mass?" (Nov 1, 2006)

Open seminary doors early (CN, Oct 29, 2006)

Some ways to combat liturgical abuses (Oct 25, 2006)

Church needs priests and religious of quality, not only quantity (CN, Oct 25, 2006)

Should there be one or two collections taken up on Mission Sunday? (CN, Oct 25, 2006)

"Are children welcome at Mass?" debate continues (CN, Oct 21, 2006)

Carparking etiquette (CN, Oct 15, 2006)

Are small children welcome at Mass (CN, Oct 15, 2006)

On our young men going overseas to become priests (CN, Oct 15, 2006)

Are toddlers welcome in church? (CN, Oct 1, 2006)

Nothing wrong if our young men go overseas to become priests (CN, Oct 1, 2006)

Singapore visit inspired Filipino nuns to love Philippines church more (CN, Oct 1, 2006)

Empower Liturgical Commission to act against liturgical abuses (CN, Sep 17, 2006)

Praying in peace (CN, Sep 17, 2006)

Are changes to Mass prayers allowed? (CN, Sep 17, 2006)

Reservation of places in the pews should be prohibited (CN, Sep 17, 2006)

Dress code for Mass (CN, Sep 17, 2006)

Make kids feel they are part of the congregation (CN, Sep 17, 2006)

Importance of joining seminary for those discerning vocation to priesthood (CN, Sep 17, 2006)

What Catholics should know about Mass etiquette (CN, Sep 17, 2006)

The Angelus (CN, Sep 17, 2006)

Lay participation in multi-roles during the same Mass should be discouraged (Sep 11, 2006)

Parking woes (CN, Sep 3, 2006)

Like Pavarotti, we too look to God for help (CN, Sep 3, 2006)

Are toddlers welcome in church? (CN, Sep 3, 2006)

Raising children Catholic (CN, Sep 3, 2006)

What marriage is (CN, Sep 3, 2006)

On contract between foreign domestic worker and her Singapore employer (CN, Sep 3, 2006)

Denise Miranda's story inspires others (CN, Sep 3, 2006)

Reflections on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's National Day speech (CN, Sep 3, 2006)

Reproduce excellent cover story on gambling from Catholic Asian News for the benefit of Catholics (Sep 1, 2006)

Reservation of places in the pews for those who are not in church should be prohibited (CN, Aug 30, 2006)

Daughters of St. Paul (CN, Aug 20, 2006)

Going forth... The Catholic Church 1819-2004 (CN, Aug 20, 2006)

Touched by Denise Miranda's story (CN, Aug 20, 2006)

Why do our young men today choose to go overseas to become priests? (Aug 14, 2006)

Christian charity forgotten at church car parks? (CN, Aug 6, 2006)

An "international parish" that needs upgrading (CN, Aug 6, 2006)

Catholics should acquaint themselves with local history (CN, Jul 23, 2006)

Going forth... (CN, Jul 23, 2006)

Why we pray for vocations (CN, Jul 23, 2006)

"Going forth..." an excellent book (CN, Jul 9, 2006)

Cathedral organs: One important person left out (CN, Jul 9, 2006)

CN's fantastic! (CN, Jul 9, 2006)

It pays for Catholics to acquaint themselves with local church history (Jun 29, 2006)

Mistake in letter (CN, Jun 25, 2006)

Do not be afraid (CN, Jun 25, 2006)

Why is there no Catholic Bible College here? (CN, Jun 25, 2006)

Do away with any "side show" which reduces the dignity of the Mass celebration (Jun 12, 2006)

Pope Benedict in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II as beacon of hope to the troubled world (CN, Jun 12, 2006)

Disappointed that appeal for ban was rejected (CN, Jun 11, 2006)

A lack of sensitivity to Christianity (CN, Jun 11, 2006)

Round up of viewpoints concerning "The Da Vinci Code" (CN, Jun 11, 2006)

Offensive movie poster at Orchard MRT (CN, Jun 11, 2006)

The reasons why (CN, Jun 11, 2006)

Why use a non-Catholic publication to explain "The Da Vinci Code" fallacy? (CN, Jun 11, 2006)

"The Da Vinci Code" poster gone overboard (Jun 7, 2006)

Concerns with RBC booklet handout (Jun 4, 2006)

Insensitivities of "The Da Vinci Code" (Jun 1, 2006)

Both traditionalists and modernists should unite under the fold of one shepherd (May 28, 2006)

Good and bad: response to "The Da Vinci Code" so far (CN, May 28, 2006)

Wrong headline (CN, May 28, 2006)

A request to cinema operators (CN, May 28, 2006)

Issue pastoral letter to boycott "The Da Vinci Code" movie (May 19, 2006)

"Be reverent during Mass" reminder timely (CN, May 14, 2006)

Anticipating "The Da Vinci Code" - Act now (CN, May 14, 2006)

Anticipating "The Da Vinci Code" - Expect more division in families (CN, May 14, 2006)

Anticipating "The Da Vinci Code" - Use the pulpit (CN, May 14, 2006)

Anticipating "The Da Vinci Code" - Looking on the bright side (CN, May 14, 2006)

Why do Protestants believe what they believe (CN, May 10, 2006)

Flash reminder on content of "The Da Vinci Code" movie for viewers' sake (May 7, 2006)

How to anticipate "The Da Vinci Code" movie (CN, Apr 30, 2006)

Reasons for parish-hopping (CN, Apr 30, 2006)

Sacristans deserve fair renumeration too (CN, Apr 30, 2006)

"No" to secular mentality which supports the idea of a man-centred form of worship (Apr 28, 2006)

Washing of feet on Maundy Thursday (Apr 27, 2006)

Reverence during Mass (Apr 24, 2006)

Blatant display of inconsistency puzzled many (CN, Apr 24, 2006)

HFMD - Where is our faith in God's providence? (CN, Apr 17, 2006)

Baptism by total immersion: Doesn't it attract gawking? (Apr 17, 2006)

"The Da Vinci Code" - offensive and blasphemous (CN, Apr 16, 2006)

We love the Kid's Page (CN, Apr 16, 2006)

Catholics love to see their priests publicly dressed in cassock (Apr 13, 2006)

No novelties for new church at Pasir Ris (CN, Apr 2, 2006)

Provide breakdown figures of general statistics for Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei (CN, Apr 2, 2006)

Sacristans deserve fair renumeration too (CN, Apr 2, 2006)

Questions regarding almsgiving (CN, Apr 2, 2006)

Well done, SVDP (CN, Apr 2, 2006)

When "acting blur" is loving smart (CN, Apr 2, 2006)

Congratulations on "Deus Caritas Est" (CN, Apr 2, 2006)

Would like to share "Deus Caritas Est" with friends (CN, Apr 2, 2006)

Receiving blood of Christ (Mar 31, 2006)

Abortion, the greatest scourge today (CN, Mar 21, 2006)

Interesting homilies help listeners (CN, Mar 21, 2006)

Go back to Catholic basics when preaching homilies (CN, Mar 19, 2006)

"Yes" to good homilies (CN, Mar 19, 2006)

"Call to Faith" series puts together latest thinking on catechesis (CN, Mar 19, 2006)

A joy to see Christian unity in action (CN, Mar 19, 2006)

Reconciliation move offers hope to traditional priests and laity (CN, Mar 19, 2006)

Little Sisters of the Poor (CN, Mar 19, 2006)

Nuggets of Lenten wisdom for reflection (Mar 14, 2006)

Freedom of speech is not absolute (CN, Mar 5, 2006)

Good preaching is a must (CN, Mar 5, 2006)

Don't cast our Latin Catholic tradition to the winds (CN, Feb 5, 2006)

"It's good to have some Latin hymns, prayers at Mass" (CN, Feb 5, 2006)

Parishes should use audio visual equipment to teach Catechism (CN, Feb 5, 2006)

Does Christian unity mean compromising truths? (CN, Feb 5, 2006)

On selective selection (CN, Feb 05, 2006)

Condom or abstinence: What would we teach our daughters? (CN, Feb 05, 2006)

There is no such thing as safe sex (CN, Feb 05, 2006)

Catholic doctors shed light on faith, sex, condoms, diseases (CN, Feb 05, 2006)

On selective selection (CN, Feb 5, 2006)

"Preach Message of Abstinence with Proper Understanding" (CN, Jan 22, 2006)

Keep Masses in English (CN, Jan 22, 2006)

What is the correct posture when reciting the Lord's Prayer at Mass? (CN, Jan 8, 2006)


Death penalty for drug traffickers necessary (CN, Dec 25, 2005)

Seek alternatives to death penalty (CN, Dec 25, 2005)

"Safe sex" is not really safe (CN, Dec 25, 2005)

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