Letter from John Ooi (Published in an edited form in CN03/06, Feb 05) 

I REFER TO Christopher Yeo's letter, "Preach message of abstinence with proper understanding" (CN02, Jan 22) which was a response to my letter in CN26, Dec 25, 2005.

Our letters offer differing views on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the abstinence and safe sex messages, and the debate will doubtless continue. In addition to understanding Catholic teaching on the issue, one way for CN readers to work out their own viewpoint is to think of the time when their daughters are in the teenage years and are moving around with boys.

Would the reader, as a parent, teach her about sex and the use of condoms, or about chastity and abstinence? How would this impact on the life and well-being of the daughter, here on earth and, possibly, for all eternity?    John Ooi

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