I wish to thank Archbishop Nicholas Chia and the Senate of Priests for coming up with a document that encourages the congregation to act on their dressing for Sunday Mass.

Encouraging is his statement, “The Catholic Church is a universal Church, embracing all peoples, cultures and nations. The Catholic community is an inclusive and welcoming community”.

The archbishop reminds us that “the sole criteria” at Sunday worship is “our response ... at a sacred celebration where Our Lord is present...” and that is to honour Him.

The archbishop places the responsibility on ourselves about what to wear at Sunday Mass, only reminding us to dress with decorum as a “corporate” body.

In giving Sunday worshippers the choice of what is considered proper wear for Sunday Mass, the archbishop has wisely put off “wanting to legislate for the minute details of attire”.

Legislating a dress code is never good, even as a last resort. It is up to us to dress up to the archbishop’s trust.

Sebastian Teo Wah Ann

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