Student Francesca Ooi writes about the end of year talk to prepare her and her schoolmates for the next stage of their student life.

Sister Doreen gave sound advice for the students to think about. (Photo by Shantaine Marie.) 

AT THE END of my six years in St. Anthony's Canossian Primary School, Sister Doreen, talked to us about her vocation and about serving God. Sister Doreen explained to us that a Catholic presence can be felt in Catholic schools, teaching pupils that there are a lot of purposes in life and that God is always with them.

She highlighted an article in The Straits Times, and using that, she told us about children who asked their parents why they did not spend time with them.  Parents want to make money to give their children the best they could. But in the process, they forget to communicate with their children. Their children are neglected when they go to work and problems start setting in with their relationships in the family.

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Sister Doreen reminded us that, besides all those attractions, temptations and loneliness children feel, they must always remember that God is still there with them, and that their family is still more important than their friends, as their family will always be there for them, while their friends cannot be there for them the whole time.

Near the end of her talk, she showed us a Powerpoint slide. On it was typed:

Five simple rules to be happy:

- Free your heart from hatred

- Free your mind from worries

- Live simply

- Give more

- Expect less

After the talk, I asked two of my friends how they felt about the talk.

Sara Singh said, "The talk helped me spiritually. In a sense that I know that I'm not alone. God is always with me."

Geraldyn Lim replied, "It was very inspiring and it taught me the meaning of true happiness."

I  agree with both of them although I have to add that I learn not to take things for granted in life. It was certainly sound advice from Sister Doreen for us to think about in our coming years.

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