As part of their feast day celebration, the Church of the Holy Family organised a gathering of youth to watch the newly released movie, "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe".

A 166-seat theatre at Century Square at Tampines was booked for the 9.30am screening on Dec 26, 2005. Arrangements were also made for the parishioners to remain in the theatre for an extra 45 minutes after the film ended for a discussion on the film.

Alvin Tan, who led the film discussion, shared, "What we did was to break down the session among three different groups - families, youth and adults. The group for families felt that the discussion was really good because it taught them how to discuss topics, especially after watching such a movie. The parents now know how to go about structuring questions to generate conversations with their children."

Three of the four priests of the parish also attended the screening.

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