Archdiocesan Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People (ACMI)

ACMI is making a concerted effort to continue its training and personal development programmes and to offer support to migrants "by being there". ACMI is looking into developing its centres to become a place where migrants can meet and socialise to form a community of their own.

Catholic Nurses Guild of Singapore

The focus for 2006 is to maintain spirituality in healthcare workers. This will add a different perspective to their knowledge and skills in healthcare to help them to reach out to the less fortunate in the community. There will be at least two retreats organised during the year and more pastoral care workshops to help healthcare workers reach out  even to the terminally-ill. The Guild wish to also extend their helping hand to the many migrants in Singapore.

Young Christian Students' Movement (YCS)

YCS is currently based in several Catholic schools and is involved in forming leaders in Christ. They hope to extend their work to more mission schools and, in particular, to approach more students to join them despite the fact that under the current Singapore CCA system, the YCS is not considered a core CCA. This means that students who join them do not receive any CCA points - a big drawback for them. YCS aims to work towards overcoming this obstacle.

Catholic Medical Guild (CMG)

CMG's mission has always been to build a culture of life with dignity from the moment of conception to the point of natural death. With this in mind, CMG hopes to continue to organise fellowship sessions to foster their sense of identity and vocation as Catholic medicos. CMG also aims to educate the laity on issues involving medical ethics as well as the church's teachings on these issues and to empower teenagers and parents/educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle sexuality issues.

It will seek to provide medical support to the archdiocese in handling potentially hazardous situations such as a possible avian flu pandemic and to continue outreach missions to other countries.

Christian Family and Social Movement (CFSM)

The CFSM intends to help families reinforce their faith and build relationships with each other by its faith formation sessions as it is important for all families, Christians and non-Christians alike, to treasure the gift of the family. The family is humanity's way of nurturing the next generation and stronger families will strengthen the hope for the future of our community.

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