(This is a press statement issued by Sister Susan Chia following the hanging of Nguyen Tuong Van in Singapore for drug trafficking.)

TODAY, WE ARE with Kim Nguyen and Khoa in their deep sorrow at the execution of Van. As we try desperately to soften a mother's pain at the loss of her son, we grapple with the reality of the death penalty. The death penalty is cruel, inhumane and it violates the right to life. Each life is always precious, even when punishment is required. While we want to make our streets drug-free and safe for our children, should it be at the expense of terminating the life of a person? Punishment and justice must always include mercy. We join the many voices throughout the world in appealing to our leaders to search for alternatives to the death penalty.

Sister Susan Chia

Province Leader

Good Shepherd Sisters

Province of Singapore-Malaysia

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