Mr Ian Phang

The road towards baptism took five years for Mr Ian Phang.

He said that while he had attended RCIA before, he felt that he was not ready for baptism then.

However, he had been attending Mass regularly and felt that this helped him stay connected with the faith.

“I want to be ready. I want to make sure I can fulfil my obligations,” he shared.

He used to have many questions about the faith, he recalled. However, he has since realised that one is unable to receive all the answers at one go.

He also needed time to reconcile his personal beliefs with Church teaching, he added.

Mr Phang said he is now ready for baptism as he has experienced God’s blessings. Furthermore, he has also seen some changes in his life and the way he views things.

Meanwhile, he is grateful for the help from his friends who have done their best in answering his questions about the faith.

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