From left: Mr Bernard Heng, Mrs Tricia Heng, Bryan Benedict Heng, Ms Javelynn Lola Haryono, Madam Lynn Lorraine Chong and Ms Gina Chong.

Six relatives comprising five adults and one child will be baptised this Easter. They say that coming together as a family has been a source of strength and motivation throughout their RCIA journey.

We have each other for support, said Ms Gina Chong, one of the five adults to be baptised.

Mr Bernard Heng said that while there were times when they felt “lethargic” about attending the sessions, having the “company of everyone keeps the bond together” and helps each one to persevere.

His wife, Tricia, agreed, saying they would encourage and remind one another about the RCIA sessions.

It is all about “team spirit”, quipped Mr Heng, adding that as the “chauffeur” of the group, he had the added responsibility of making sure everyone – including his young son, his wife’s two aunts and a cousin – gets to class.

Mrs Heng shared that her desire to be a Catholic was due to her son asking about God. The couple saw this as a calling to the faith.

Mrs Heng’s aunt, Madam Lynn Lorraine Chong, told CatholicNews that she had faced a situation in Indonesia when she thought she was going to die.

At that point of time, she could only think of God and pleaded to God to help her.

Two strangers came to her assistance, and after that she started attending church.

She later heard about the RCIA programme and urged Mrs Heng to sign her as well.

She shared that she has become a much calmer person after learning about the faith.

For Mr Heng, being Catholic is about “being positive at all times”. He added that the RCIA process has helped him and his wife to be more patient with one another and not lose their temper easily.

Meanwhile, all six say they are looking forward to their baptism this Easter.

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