Chan Ying Ying and Mansura Begum both got 5 O Levels and qualified for further education at a polytechnic. Chan had faced family problems while Begum is hearing-impaired.

It was their teachers’ care and dedication that helped them achieve good results in the face of challenges, said two students from St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School.

Chan Ying Ying and Mansura Begum both got 5 O Levels and qualified for further education at a polytechnic. This, despite the fact that Chan faced family problems and had to stay at a shelter, and Begum is hearing-impaired.

“I received a lot of support and encouragement from my teachers,” said Chan.

“They stayed back to help me and they also encouraged me and spurred me on. I also had a special sponsor, a parent volunteer from my school, who helped get me accommodation.”

She added that when she ran into family difficulties, “my teachers were always there to protect me ... The teachers are all caring; they don’t mind sacrificing their time even on weekends and sometimes staying till 10pm.”

Chan said she was especially grateful to her principal, Ms Melanie Ann Martens, for her help.

Ms Sharon Yu, Chan’s teacher, said the girl also deserves credit for her good results.

“I’m very proud and happy for Ying Ying ... I’ve seen her through her difficult circumstances and she’s never, ever given up, and I think it’s also her faith in God and her hard work.”

Begum told CatholicNews, “I aimed to just get to ITE at first but my mother and teachers encouraged me to go further.

“What touched me the most is that before the exams, the teachers actually stayed back at night to coach us, even though they have their own lives to lead. It was very moving.

She added, “I would say it’s because of them that we’ve come this far. They would really make sure you understand, then they will let you go and they will even buy food for you at meal times.”

Mr He Junhao, Begum’s teacher said, “I’m very proud of Mansura for all the hard work that she put in, in spite of all the difficulties and challenges she faced.

“She came to us as a Normal (Technical) student who was weak in her studies but she worked very, very hard and she got herself through all the way till Sec 5, and achieved this commendable result.”

By Don Gurugay

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