I am saddened that the letter by Fr Clement Lee (CN, Jan 15) shared more on the human level and not on the profound level.

Holy Mother Church has always been wise to introduce right postures at the right time and places. Cardinal Francis Arinze once said that “the way you pray reflects the way you believe”.

The church is not only a building but a sacred place of worship – “holy ground”.

St Paul said: “He who eats and drinks unworthily the Body and Blood of Christ brings judgement to themselves.” At the Name of Jesus, every knee in Heaven and on earth shall bow and every tongue shall give praise to Almighty God.

Does the above give you an impression that you can go to church wearing flip flops, T-shirts etc and relax?

I think Ben Chen and Geraldine Cheong made excellent points. Do you attend Holy Mass to adore Almighty God and nothing else matters, or what?

I pray that Almighty God will bless us with more holy shepherds to guide us.

Alex Tan

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