Singaporeans now travel widely. We visit churches around the world.

I attended a 150th anniversary celebration of the Catholic faith coming to Papua New Guinea two years ago, in which many tribes attended.

Those from towns wore shoes, those from mountains only flip top slippers, and many were even without footwear. Many were also bare-bodied – men, children and even women.

I even attended a Palm Sunday Service in a remote mountain, where there was drumming and a dance up to the altar. Here the procession was done very solemnly.
The Catholic Church does not have written rules on what to wear when attending Sunday Masses. If we include weddings and funerals, then how about weekday Masses? Then there should even be a dress code for people entering the church to pray.

I am usually in church an hour before Mass for my warden duty every weekend. I notice that the men dress well in shirts and trousers, and the ladies dress beautifully and colourfully.

But what is supposed to be correct dress is the person’s choice. How low is low and how high is high? When is a dress too thin and what type of footwear is forbidden?

We are not a uniform company nor are we in military service. Those who do not dress properly are very few indeed and they are not repeat offenders.

I do notice they do not come with the intention of dressing badly or improperly. It is not for me to bar them from entering the church and receiving the Body of Christ.

If there are rules, these should be given by the authority of the Church, and all churches should follow.

Jesus came not to increase the 10 commandments given by Moses, but Jesus left with only these words: “Love one another as I love you.”

John Wee

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