Lush vegetation at MacRitchie Reservoir ... There are moments in life when we experience with clarity God as a living reality. Many such moments can be experienced in Nature.

ANOTHER year has begun, bringing with it the dawn of new hope. Where there is hope, I recall Jesus’ words: “I have come that they may have life, life in all its fullness.” (John 10:10)

God has planted in the gar- den of each of our souls the seeds for fullness of life. Seeds are meant to grow – into great gorgeous trees accommodating birds that carry the sky on their backs, and all kinds of creatures who live in harmony with one another.

This capacity for fullness of life is God’s gift to us, and yet, there are many who may not even be aware of it. How can we learn to tap into this source of goodness, overflowing in abundance, of God’s love?

We can start by looking outside, to connect with the abundance around us before it is too late. For hope and abundance are nourished through care for creation, through creating harmony within ourselves and in Nature.

Do we notice the simple little things that keep us alive, such as the warmth of the sun on one’s skin, or the coolness in the air after rain, pausing sometimes to enjoy the flowers, plants and trees that line our streets?

“For it is God’s love that warms me in the sun and God’s love that sends the cold rain,” wrote Thomas Merton.

There are moments in our life on earth when we experience with clarity God as a living reality, and many of these mo- ments are to be found in experiencing the astonishing beauty of Nature.

I went for a walk looking for God.
Bus to MacRitchie Reservoir,
Path near St Theresa’s Home
where monkeys love to loiter
by a great banyan tree;
the chiku tree laden with unripe fruit.
Left turn, pass canoers; head for
boardwalk round waters’ edge.

I walk and I walk, smiling Good Morning
and greetings bounce back from fellow walking beings.
I walk and I walk, seeking my God.
My body works up a sweat, a wooden bench beckons;
time to stop and stare.
For the light splattered waters,
the open sky and forest green,
wind rustling, leaves shuffling,
like God’s breath and God’s footsteps,
drawing me closer.

Breathing, breathing Maranatha,
Maranatha, Come Lord, Jesus.
In the silence and the stillness
Sitting straight-backed, feet firm
on the woodboard that is my ground
eyes shut, meditating, meditating.

And then, peering slowly through half-opening eyes
I glimpse God’s glory – caught fleetingly
on canvas of fluid beauty,
an island so green, and ah,
such expansiveness of sky!

God I thank
for rippling rhythmic serenity of reservoir waters
for shimmers of silver, cool forest reflections
for lush abundance of variegated green
and white of clouds, blueness of sky
Thank you for the stillness
from which senses may awaken
to the fullness of your creation.

By Anne Lim

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