The Landings ministry recently distributed copies of this postcard to reach out to those who have left the Church.

A Church ministry that reaches out to those struggling with their faith is trying to raise awareness about this group of people this Advent.

The Landings ministry is urging the Catholic community to bring Christ to these people, and also inviting these people to rediscover their faith, through the distribution of special postcards.

These postcards were given out to the Saturday crowd at Novena Church on Dec 3. The Church of the Holy Spirit and Blessed Sacrament Church, both of which run the Landings programme, also distributed the postcards.

Landings is a 10-week parish-based programme that reaches out to Catholics who had drifted away or left the Church, but are now interested in returning and receiving the sacraments.

“Our project is not so much to get people to join Landings but rather to promote the awareness of the fact that there are Catholic brothers and sisters … struggling with their faith,” said Mr Anthony See, Landings coordinator for Singapore and Malaysia.

These Catholics usually have a desire to have a closer relationship with God; some may even wander into a church occasionally, said Mr See.

A mention of a “possible return” to the Church “may be … a catalyst for action”, he added.

Mr See said the Catholic community at large can play a part in helping these Catholics during the Advent season, when awareness of Christ is heightened.

Such an outreach “must involve every Catholic,” said Mr See. “People will surely know someone who is out of the Church. It is the Church’s responsibility to reach out. And we the people are this Church.”

Mr Lee also added that the community can provide support to returning Catholics.

The Landings programme was started by the Paulist Fathers in the 1980s. It provides a supportive environment for those who are rediscovering their faith and who wish to return to the Church.

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By Darren Boon
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