The Journey Of Faith exhibition which has been on display at the Asian Civilisations Museum ended its run with a 24-hour film-screening marathon that lasted from 7pm on Saturday Oct 8 to 7pm on Sunday Oct 9. It was accompanied by ‘live' music, pyjama-party guided tourism soundscape performances and a choir performance by the Cathedral Choir of the Risen Christ.

The exhibition which featured more than 140 artefacts from the Vatican Museums as well as artefacts from various countries in Asia brought in around 125,000 visitors to the museum. It is one of the more successful exhibitions that have been held at the museum in line with another major exhibition on ancient Egypt held several years ago.

In comparison, another important exhibition from Turkey held for only a slightly shorter time period than the Journey Of Faith exhibition, brought in 60,000 visitors.

After the exhibition had wrapped up, the senior curator of the museum and co-curator of the exhibition, Ms Huism Tan told CatholicNews that "the deinstallation of an exhibition is a lot quicker than the installation process".

After all the paperwork for the shipping was carried out, two conservators from the Vatican City came to Singapore to check with the conservators at the museum that the condition of the artefacts was unchanged after the exhibition. After the inspection, the artefacts were wrapped in acid-free tissue and carefully packed into their wooden crates ready to be flown back to Rome.

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"One of the most satisfying things about being a curator is to spark an interest in learning about one's own or other people's culture and history," said Ms Tan. "I hope that the exhibition has enabled people of various faiths to understand each other more."

This seems to be the case. In an email to the curator, Michelle Richert, a volunteer guide, said, "I have learned so much about the history and traditions of Christianity and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing what I've learned with the many visitors to the exhibition."

"I have received many, many ‘thank yous!' from non-Christians who were so pleased to finally have the opportunity to learn about Christianity.

"I remember quite clearly one group of businessmen and women from Thailand who had so many questions that our tour lasted almost 2 hours. It was fantastic!

"I have also received notes of appreciation from Christians (Catholics as well as Protestants) who have been so pleased to ‘finally' understand the ‘why?' behind their traditions. They also shared with me that understanding the ‘why' has enriched immeasurably the practice of their faith.

"This exhibition has truly been the catalyst for opening the doors of communication and greater understanding for men and women of all faiths."

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