Mr Mark Laming, SATS Executive Sous Chef, teaching two Assumption Pathway School students about food presentation. SATS and Assumption Pathway have signed a partnership to help APS students improve their chances of success when they enter the workforce.

SATS, Singapore’s leading airline gateway service company, has partnered Assumption Pathway School (APS) in a move expected to boost the students’ opportunities in life.

Under this partnership, SATS’ chefs will train APS students taking the baking practices and food preparation course how to work in a commercial kitchen and prepare cuisines from different cultures.

This on-the-job training is expected to help the students of the Gabrielite Brothers’ school, who are unable to access mainstream education, improve their chances of success when they enter the workforce.

SATS would also be rendering help to needy students. The organisation has in place an interim and long term Student Assistance Scheme which would provide financial help to those who fulfil the eligibility criteria.

“Through such programmes, we hope to provide opportunities and support that will help the beneficiaries realise their aspirations, transit to their next phase in life or re-integrate into society,” said Mr Tan Chuan Lye, acting CEO of SATS.

Some 80 students each year take up the baking practices and food preparation course. During the two-year training, they learn with skills such as F&B service and customer service. Upon completion, they receive an ITE Skills Certification (ISC).

Mr Wee Tat Chuen, principal of APS said, “Coupled with the experience of working with the professionals [from SATS], our students also gain hope that they have a place in society and more importantly, the much-needed confidence boost to be able to succeed in the real-life working environment, thus realising our school motto – Through Work Achieve Success.”

The signing of the letter of collaboration between the two parties took place on Oct 19 at The ART, the Assumption Restaurant for Training, which provides a realistic working environment for APS students. It is open to the public on Mondays to Fridays from noon to 2pm.

By Don Gurugay

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