Popular radio deejay clarifies recent "sex talk" controversy at Christ@Work conference.

SINGAPORE – “When I joined radio, I learnt that I had a lot of power… to influence 682,000 listeners a week,” revealed Mark Van Cuylenburg, better known as The Flying Dutchman, a deejay on Mediacorp Radio's Class 95FM.

In November this year, MediaCorp radio was fined $5,000 by the Media Development Authority of Singapore for a segment of “risqué content” on The Morning Express on Aug 21, The Straits Times reported.

This was one of the challenges at work that Van Cuylenburg chose to address at the Christ@ Work conference. “Everyday for 11 years, I have offered up my day to God [while driving to work]. If I go [on air] and talk about sex, isn't God leading me through that?” asked Van Cuylenburg rhetorically.

He then explained, “We talk about sex on the show all the time, and we also talk a lot about family values. But no one remembers that because of selective hearing… We've never told you to go out and have sex, or have sex before marriage, but we've told you a thousand times to 'go and have sex and enjoy it because you're a married man'.” At this, the audience, about half of which listen to The Morning Express daily, erupted into applause.

Van Cuylenburg, who hosts the weekday morning show The Morning Express, believes that he can “fly with Christ” and be “damn proud of it” because he is best friends with God.

“When you've got a problem, you go to your best friend, and what do you do? You talk. When was the last time you talked – not prayed – to God?” he asked the rapt audience. “Take five minutes a day and talk to your friend… and see your life change.”

“We each have a relationship with God and that is what we must develop. God is waiting [for you] to make him your friend… When you can establish a relationship with Christ, anything can happen,” said Van Cuylenburg. “Ask anything from God, believe you already have it, and you will get it.” He likened it to placing an order in a catalogue. “Once you place an order, you don't keep asking for it. You trust that it will come.” - By Daniel Tay

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