KATHMANDU, NEPAL – Enthusiasm among members of Couples for Christ (CFC), whose aim is to strengthen Christian values and family life, is helping the lay movement grow in Nepal.

Over a dozen people, all parishioners of Assumption Church in Kathmandu, gave talks and led prayer and discussion sessions to complete Nepal’s ninth Christian Life Programme – a requirement for membership of the group. The event was held during the first June weekend at the church hall.

One young couple, Ashish and Anuradha Pradhan, took on the role as leaders of the three-day programme.

“We thought it was important to say ‘yes’ and we managed to lead it with the help of others for all three days,” said Anuradha Pradhan, a school teacher.

CFC began in Manila in 1981 and was introduced to Nepal in 2003 by visiting lay Indian and Filipino migrant workers in Bahrain.

The first few Christian Life Programme were organised under the leadership of visiting CFC members, but now local parishioners are doing it themselves and have seen membership spread to four parishes.

Fr Jomon James, the new priest at St Ignatius Church in Kathmandu’s Baniyatar parish, said: “I am eagerly waiting for CFC to come here as we need to strengthen faith formation among a growing number of Tamang tribal couples and families.” - UCANEWS.COM

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