Recently, our main stream media reviewed Lady Gaga’s latest music album.

As two very concerned Catholic parents, we take offence to the promotion of her album and the many songs in it.

Lyrics of songs like Bloody Mary, Judas and Black Jesus Amen Fashion are insulting and disrespectful to the Christian faith, and we hope to raise awareness of what her music seems to promote, that is disrespect and outrageous offensive lyrics.

We as parents already have a mammoth task in teaching our children to discern what they read, listen and watch from the various sources of media in this age and it does not help our efforts when MSM glorifies a controversial singer like Lady Gaga and promotes her album.
It was a surprise to us that presently, all music CDs sold in Singapore are self-regulated. Her album carries no parental advisory or warning.

We would also like to call on MDA (Media Development Authority) to review and ban her album for sale here in Singapore.

In fact, Lebanon, where the majority of its people are Muslims, has already banned her album, which was deemed to be offensive to Christianity.

Leonard Freeman, Singapore
John D Jegathesan, Singapore

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