A cloudy Saturday afternoon saw about a hundred Catholic undergraduates taking part in matches at the archdiocese’s first Catholic Intervarsity Games Day.

The May 21 event, held at Catholic Junior College, was to provide a day of fun and fellowship after the end of the academic year.

The National University of Singapore’s Catholic Students’ Society (CSS), Nanyang Technological University’s Catholic Students’ Apostolate (CSA), and Fides, Singapore Management University’s Catholic community, organised the games.

A total of about six teams from each campus ministry locked horns in street soccer, captain’s ball and Ultimate Frisbee. They were competing for hamper prizes for each sport, as well as for the overall championship trophy.

SMU emerged overall champion based on their outstanding performances in all three sports, a remarkable accomplishment as they are the smallest and youngest of the three campus ministries.

“It is indeed heartening to see that everyone has enjoyed themselves,” quipped Fides president Barry Chng, a business student. “This has also been a really good platform for members from the three universities to have closer interaction and some healthy competition with one another.”

The three campus ministries are organising Freshman Orientation Camps this June and July. Check out http://www.nuscss.org/, http://clubs.ntu.edu.sg/catholic/ and http://smufides.wordpress.com/

By Daryl Gomes

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