Assisi Hospice’s new chapel features a crucifix with the figure of the Risen Christ.

The newly opened Assisi Hospice chapel is a great blessing, say patients.

One female patient says she “feels very at home” in the chapel “because I’m a convent girl and it reminds me of the convent, it’s a good feeling”.

Her daughter agrees, saying she wished that “more hospitals, schools and work places have little chapels just like this. It gives a sense of serenity and peace.”

The chapel was blessed by Redemptorist Fr Peter Wee on March 9.

Spiritual care is part of hospice care, says Assisi Hospice executive director Irene Chan. It is important for a hospice to provide “a place to give the patients some form of solace” and reflection.

Although the nearest chapel at Mount Alvernia Hospital is on the same premises as the hospice, it is difficult for hospice patients to make their way across the car park to the chapel, said Ms Chan.

Special considerations went into designing the chapel, she added.

The crucifix features the figure of the Risen Christ as He “points to eternal life”, said Ms Chan. The Risen Christ inspires hope among patients who are preparing for death and have questions about what lies beyond that, she said.

The chapel is opened at all times and has one long bench to allow for ample space for patients in wheelchairs to come and pray. Family members are also encouraged to pray with patients at any time of the day.

Counsellors also provide a listening ear and compassionate presence for all patients regardless of their religion, says Ms Rose Goh, manager of Mount Alvernia Hospital’s Clinical Pastoral Care.

Meanwhile Assisi Hospice will hold its annual charity fun day on June 19 at SJI International. Altar servers from Church of St Francis Xavier will be going around parishes to sell tickets as part of their outreach project. They would also be working with hospice patients during the June school holidays.

By Darren Boon
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