Children from the Holy Trinity Kindergarten selling cooked food to parents during their ‘entrepreneurial day’.

Holy Trinity Kindergarten organised a special “entrepreneurial day” recently in which students from St Francis Xavier kindergarten also took part.

The April 29 event, held at the Church of the Holy Trinity, aimed to teach the children not only basic business concepts but also important life values.

The hall where the educational activities were held was decorated to resemble a Myanmar village. Here, children ran money-changing, second-hand clothing and cooked food stalls among others, to learn the values of money and the importance of recycling.

The idea of using a Myanmar village as a theme for the activities came from a mission trip some of the teachers had undertaken earlier.

The simplicity of the way of life in that country was thought to be ideal to help children understand what it was like to go back to basics.

The stalls were run by about 50 children from the K2 classes at Holy Trinity along with the teachers assisting. Parents were also present and took the part of customers.

Kids from both kindergartens also learnt visually where everyday food items such as milk, eggs and chickens come from.

Some 40 students from St Francis Xavier Kindergarten took part in the activities.

The Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools has been organising gatherings among various preschools to encourage them to share resources, and this recent event was an outcome of this.

By Don Gurugay

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