As a fashion student, external appearances used to be important to Jasmine Wong.

After embracing Catholicism, however, she hopes to make an extra effort to “be a more ... understanding person who looks at the hearts of people” rather than their appearance.

“I hope to be less judgemental and more genuine. I hope eventually when people look at me, they’d say, ‘Yes, she’s walking in the light of the Lord,’ and they feel inspired to learn more about the faith,” said the 19-year-old.

The people in her Rite of Christian Initiation for Youth (RCIY) journey inspired her in the way they lived their lives, she said. That is why she now wants to inspire others.

She is presently looking forward to accompanying teenagers embarking on their faith journey through the RCIY programme.

The life of a Catholic is challenging, she said. It is more than just memorising Scripture and attending Mass, but committing oneself to the faith and following the teachings of Christ regardless of the circumstances, she said.

With help from friends and the coordinators in the RCIY, she understood that her spiritual life requires continuous growth.

“We do not become enlightened and holy people ... overnight, but rather, it is a never ending process as a Catholic to deepen our personal relationship with God and do good according to Him,” she said.  

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