Stefni & Alvin, proud parents of Timothy

Upon discovering the joyous news of my wife being pregnant, our excitement quickly turned to fear and anxiety as a whole list of questions came knocking at our door! Being a first time mother-to-be, my wife slipped into a mild depression, she was at a loss and unsure of what to do next. She expressed her fears on whether the baby was going to be healthy, good looking or intelligent.

With each visit to the gynaecologist, both my wife and I carried hearts filled with anxieties and uncertainties. We were worried that the gynaecologist would discover some deformity of the child. We were afraid that our baby’s development would be abnormal. 

As the tummy slowly began to show, we both heard a lot of comments from experienced moms and dads regarding the various delivery methods- Epidural, Caesarean, Suction etc.  All of these sounded overwhelmingly scary, in addition to the many labour hours that some wives have to endure! I started to feel the heavy burden on my shoulders and prayed endlessly that my wife would somehow be able to cope with the labour pains.

My prayers were answered when I stumbled upon news of a workshop organised by Joyful Parenting – a support group that provides advice for parents-to-be.  Both my wife and I were glad that we attended the workshop where we were given sufficient information and became aware of the situations that we needed to be ready for with the arrival of this bundle of joy.

And so- our lovely son, Timothy, is here with us today, a wonderful gift from God, who is now learning how to run!

Mums and dads-to-be, come join in this workshop organised by Joyful Parenting and hear from an experienced team comprising of a lactation consultant, a post-partum doula and specialised doctors. Experience for yourselves a remarkable journey of having your questions finally answered as you prepare for the arrival of your new-born.

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