Mr Steven Lau, who had attended other Christian churches in the past, said he had been searching for the meaning of life.

He recalled that when he was attending Mass with his wife, a Catholic, he felt “this particular pull” that prompted him to explore the Catholic faith.

With more Mass participation and through the RCIA, Mr Lau said that he “realised that this is the place” where he belongs.

Previously, his life was a “mere existence, living from moment to moment, time to time, and sometimes you don’t really understand the whole objective behind it”, he said.

Through Church teachings and scripture, Mr Lau said he discovered the meaning of his existence.

Mr Lau said that there are many distractions for those attending the RCIA such as work and the pleasures of life.

But he said: “We have to understand that God chooses us and that we have to be very disciplined to be open to that choice.

“The objective is not just about me coming to RCIA, but actually opening ourselves to God. By understanding that dynamic, all the challenges fizzle out.”

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