Visitors at the St Francis Xavier Major Seminary chapel on Feb 27. Some 350 people visited the seminary during its open house.

Jesus said, “Come and see.” (John 1:39).

So on Feb 27, the St Francis Xavier Major Seminary opened its doors to more than 350 people from parishes all over Singapore, who were interested to see what life was like in the institution.

The seminary organises Open House events twice a year, mainly to create awareness of the need to pray and cultivate priestly vocations.

The recent Open House included a video and PowerPoint presentation introducing the diocesan priesthood as well as the activities of the seminary.

Participants were taken on a guided tour of the seminary premises, including the residential blocks, recreational facilities, garden, as well as the heart of the seminary, the chapel.

Among the participants were 24 members of the Indonesian community from the Church of St Bernadette.

They included RCIA candidates, facilitators and godparents, who spent time meditating in front of the Stations of the Cross and contemplating a contemporary religious artwork by the late La Salle Br Joseph McNally.

Commenting on the event, Ms Caroline Goh, an RCIA sponsor, said: “It is an eye-opener to me even though I am a Catholic. It is an awesome place where you can feel the presence of God. The chapel is so beautiful and serene! All Catholics should visit this place at least once in their lifetime.”

The next seminary Open House will be held on Oct 16.

The writer is a third-year theology student at the seminary.

By Benedict Chng

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