I WRITE to thank Archbishop Nicholas Chia for his clear teaching on sexuality education.

The Church’s teaching and vision on sexuality, when presented in all its splendour is really good news for the world and I pray that Catholics and non-Catholics who come through our schools can have a taste of it and return joyful and healed.

In my opinion, of particular effectiveness is the Theology of the Body developed by the late Pope John Paul II.

Two programmes which are particularly suitable for teens would include Theology of the Body for Teens by Brian Butler and Jason Evert, and the programs developed by CHOICEZ Media, a non-profit organisation run by Jonathan and Karen Doyle, a Melbourne-based couple who graduated from the John Paul II Institute.

The programme has no explicit Catholic/religious content but its vision of the dignity of the human person is rooted in the vision of the Theology of the Body.

Again, in my view, Catholics and non-Catholics who come to Catholic schools deserve the very best from our life-giving Catholic heritage.

Every Catholic pupil, and non-Catholics who choose to opt in, should experience the full Theology of the Body programme.

Non-Catholic pupils can experience the CHOICEZ Media programme. Parents who may have a different opinion regarding these programmes may opt their children out if they so choose.

I pray that the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools can work with the relevant people to make both these programmes a reality in our Catholic schools.

Nick Chui

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