Yue Lei in his heyday

Late Singapore crooner Yue Lei had said that his faith in God and Mary gave him much needed strength in his fight against nose cancer.

Radiation therapy was painful, he had told Hai Sing Pao in an interview. Before each therapy, he would pray that Jesus and Mary would be by his side to give him strength.

Yue Lei won the 1981 Singapore Broadcasting Corporation’s Mandarin Talentime and was a popular singer in the 1980s. He was diagnosed with nose cancer some years ago and baptised as a Catholic in 2008.

Yue Lei succumbed to his illness on Jan 8 this year. He was 50.

He had said that although he had been to other Christian churches in his younger days, he never converted to Christianity. Through a cousin, however, he came to know about Novena Church and began praying there.

He had wanted to attend RCIA at Novena Church, but the onslaught of cancer and the subsequent treatment prevented him from doing so.

However, a church member followed up on him, and he was later helped by the Pastoral Care Ministry for the Sick of the Church of the Holy Spirit. He took catechism lessons and was baptised by Fr Paul Tong in 2008.

His godmother Mary Koh told CatholicNews that Yue Lei, whose baptismal name is Kelvin, had a deep devotion towards Mary and that he accepted his illness without blaming God.

In his 2009 interview with Hai Sing Pao, Yue Lei had shared that his fight with cancer had taught him “to let go, to follow, to pray and to forgive”.

By Darren Boon
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