Straits Times article on Jan 7.

The parish of St Mary of the Angels plans to provide some assistance to the family of the man who was found dead in the church compound on Jan 5.

Franciscan friars Derrick Yap and John Soh have visited the family of the late Tok Puay Yong to offer their condolences and to give a sum of money.

They also told family members that someone from the parish would be back for another visit.

Friar Soh told CatholicNews that the family “seems to be in need of some help … food or financial”. He said he will present the family’s case to the parish’s Society of St Vincent de Paul, of which he is spiritual director, and to recommend the group follow up on them.

Parish priest Friar John-Paul Tan told CatholicNews: “Based on the newspaper report, I felt that the family was in a difficult situation after the death of their son.

“The father is handicapped and the mother was collecting cardboard boxes for income. For that reason, we will continue to assess and see if they need further assistance that the parish and St Vincent de Paul can offer.”

By Darren Boon
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