I refer to the letter, Show Reverence For The Mass, Please (CN, Dec 5) by Mr Ian De Cotta.

My first thought when I read it was, “Oh oh. Here we go again.” I’m sure it will be remembered that this topic was discussed at length in late 2006 when many people wrote to CatholicNews expressing their views.

Some, like myself, were very much against small children being allowed by their parents to disrupt the solemnity of a Mass (one exasperated gentleman described a Mass at his church as resembling a circus) while other writers were supportive of parents taking very young children to Mass whatever their behaviour.

I also suggested previously that one possible solution to the problem of disruptive small children is to provide a special area for them. Many young parents will attest that some churches are notoriously children-unfriendly. Another suggestion was to have a Mass set aside where only children above a specified age are allowed. Any others?

For those who seek a quiet, respectful and solemn environment for Mass I can highly recommend the Church of Sts Peter and Paul in Queen Street and also St Joseph’s Church in Victoria Street. Any others?

Mr De Cotta, I can assure you of three things. First, some will reply to your letter and be very supportive of your views. Second, others will write and tell you that you’re being childish (excuse the pun). Thirdly, the archdiocese will maintain a deafening silence and maybe, if past history repeats itself, an article on church etiquette will appear somewhere on the inside pages of CatholicNews.

But one thing is certain, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. A noisy but full church is better than a quiet half-empty church – at least in Singapore.    

Mike McCormack
Singapore 820185

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