A South African AIDS patient receives treatment at a Church-run hospice. Are condoms the solution to the disease? CNS file photo

"I am deeply saddened to read that our Holy Father has made an exception for the use of condoms (CN, Dec 5). The spirit of the Second Vatican Council states that our Church is the Light of the World. Therefore, we should strive to reflect Truth as given to us by the Light of Christ. Such an ideal should never be compromised.
I understand the suffering in Africa caused by the spread of AIDS. But do condoms treat the disease or only the symptoms?

In the 1970s, popular belief told us that birth control would solve the problems that arise from unwanted pregnancies. Hindsight shows us that this led to a rise in promiscuity, divorce and abortions. I cannot help but wonder if Africa is also suffering from this same sexual revolution that began 40 years ago.

I believe we need to refocus on a higher spiritual ideal, such as the beauty of human sexuality. The intimate love between husband and wife in a sacramental marriage reflects the relationship between Our Lord and His spouse, which is the Church.

If we are conscious of this reality, how can we in good conscience say prostitution – or any form of sex outside the marriage – is acceptable?

The basis of every Church ministry is love. Is the act of giving someone a condom ever an act of love? Or should we tell the prostitute about Jesus who cured the lepers and about the loving father who waited faithfully for the return of his prodigal son?

I believe we should only concentrate on the love God has for every human being. Only if we stay focused, will we be able to give true witness to the love and glory of God. "

Carmen Hartono

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