Looking back, I have always been surrounded by God’s blessings – an interesting childhood, a great husband, friends, smooth sailing studies and a rewarding career. But I was always too proud and busy to acknowledge his existence in my life even though I always had an impression that there was someone greater and bigger above all of us.

In God’s ever-patient love, he stayed on and brought his most powerful evangelist, my godmother, Wendy, who piqued my interest in the Catholic faith by being a beautiful person in life. I was curious enough to join the RCIA with her as my godmother.

Still, a few weeks before I was to start my first session, I had cold feet. Doubts settled in me and I was ready to pull out of the journey. Even though Wendy said she understood and ultimately respected my decision, I could tell that she was disappointed. She must have prayed very hard for I subsequently mustered the courage and decided to make a commitment to God by getting back on the RCIA path.

I started RCIA not knowing what to expect, except an inkling that it was about "getting to know God" and not necessarily getting baptized. But so far, every single session sealed my decision in wanting God to be a greater part of my life, to be a greater servant to him.

I cannot pinpoint when this turning point in my life occurred.But I notice God’s presence through certain events.

More so at work of late. I pray the Lord’s Prayer when I deal with difficult situations and need extra strength, and I get the peace to muster the courage to do what needs to be done. Or I attend mass and sing the hymns, and start crying because it is such a beautiful experience and the words just happen to reflect the feelings I have in my heart for God. Before I leave my home in the mornings for work, I also say the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary and Glory Be and I immediately feel I am protected in his embrace of ever-patient and forgiving love. It gives me the extra spring in my step, the confidence to say, "I can conquer whatever will be thrown my way, with him by my side..."

As with all relationships, people grow stronger in love with each other. That is how I will describe my relationship with God. He has given me peace beyond comprehension. I no longer live for myself, but for others. I constantly pray to be free from anxiety and knowing his presence in me, I have become a stronger person. n


Cecilia Koh, 33,

Church of St. Ignatius

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