My first encounter with Christianity and the Catholic Church took place when I was about 10 years old when my mum’s good friend brought us to Novena Church. I still remember the pleasant feeling as I sat on the pew, observing the church. I imitated my mum’s friend as she knelt and prayed, and with my eyes shut, I made a little promise to myself that I’ll be a Christian when I grow up.

Growing up, I was brought to many churches of different denominations by friends, and was eventually baptized into one of the Protestant Traditions.

Along the way, crises struck my family, problems started to roll in and I lost sight of God.

During the December 2006 period, I had a one-month break from work. Feeling empty and lost, I felt a strong urge to "find God". I logged onto the internet to do a personal research on the History of the Church and the more I read, the more sense and beauty I see in the Roman Catholic Church. Popular misconceptions were knocked right out of my head.

Convinced that the Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ, I found out about the RCIA, plucked up enough courage to walk into the parish not too far from where I lived and enrolled myself into it. God must have been with me.

Through the RCIA and parish priest, I was introduced more and more to the Church, its faith, tradition and doctrines, not forgetting the lovely Catholic community who have been praying with me. During these past 16 months or so, through the Catholic Church, I have rediscovered my love of God and his presence in my life. Looking back, like the story of the footprints on the beach, I can truly appreciate the one set of footprints being Jesus’. I never walked alone but Jesus was carrying me in my difficulties.

As I wait in joyful hope for this Easter Vigil, where I’ll be fully initiated to the Roman Catholic Church, I pray I’ll learn to truly appreciate and treasure the Sacraments Jesus has given to his Church. n


Joshua Tan, 23,

Church Of Our Lady

Of Perpetual Succour

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