HONG KONG – Hong Kong Church leaders say the territory’s second-richest family has shown disrespect to human dignity by turning to surrogate motherhood to provide male heirs.

Peter Lee Ka-kit, a bachelor son of billionaire Lee Shau-kee, fathered three baby boys using a commercial surrogate overseas in a case that became the talk of the town when the news was unveiled to newspapers on Oct 27.

“The news was released in such a controversial way that will gravely affect the children as they will face questions of ‘Who is your mommy?’ throughout their lives,” said Fr Dominic Chan Chi-ming, vicar general of Hong Kong diocese.

It is more than a moral issue, as the children could face discrimination, he said.

Various Church officials have expressed their disapproval of surrogacy, an arrangement where a woman agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for a contracted party. The practice is prohibited in Hong Kong. However, Fr Chan also thinks the occasion provides an opportunity to discuss the main concern in surrogate motherhood debates.

“Should we have it to satisfy the grandfather or the desire of being a father, or should we think for the babies instead?” he said.

He added that there is always something that cannot be replaced simply by money, such as the love of parents.

Another vicar general, Fr Michael Yeung Ming-cheung, told media that the news “sends the wrong message to people that money is king”. • ucanews.com

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