SINGAPORE – To give flesh to St. Joseph’s Institution’s (SJI) mission to nurture Josephians to become persons for others, the school’s Lent Project gave its students the opportunity to put into action what they learned during religious and moral education lessons.

Lent in SJI began with an exhortation to the school community to take time to pray, to fast and to give alms to the poor. All Secondary One Catholic students had to attend Morning Prayer and Tuesday after-school Eucharist.

A Lenten Vigil was held when 150 Catholic students belonging to the various Catholic societies had the opportunity to deepen their Lenten experience. Students participated in the Seder Meal. Groups of students took turns to keep vigil before the Blessed Sacrament from midnight till 4.30am when everyone prayed the Way of the Cross, ending with the Eucharist.

Secondary One students, who had learnt about the life and work of the Founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle, and how he had responded to the plight of the poor, contributed a food item each week of Lent to the elderly residents of Block 47 in Pek Kio; people who live in one-room flats.

Secondary Two students helped the Handicapped Welfare Association sell donation draw tickets. As part of the module to promote awareness of the challenges that physically disabled people experience, Thomas Chua, a paraplegic came to speak to the students.

Secondary Three students contributed food ration items to the shelter for AIDS sufferers run by the Catholic AIDS Response

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