YOU MAY HAVE read the section titled “The Rise of Christ in China” in the Life Section of The Straits Times of Saturday Sep 4, 2010.

The section was obviously about Christian Churches in China. On page 7, there was a section “Other Faiths in China”. In it was listed several Faiths like Buddhism, Taoism, and Roman Catholicism. I was startled why Roman Catholicism was listed as “Other Faiths” when it is actually another denomination of Christianity. In fact Roman Catholicism is Christianity.

I have written an email to journalist Grace Ng whose email address was on the same page but I am not sure if she wrote that part too.

I think someone else should also send SPH the same question and ask them to clarify this.

Some people have the perception that Roman Catholicism is not Christianity and this is an insult to us. I think Catholics should put it right to them.

Anthony Vaz

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