The core team with the Redemptorists.
Photo by Peter Heng

SINGAPORE – The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary conducted its parish mission Jul 4-Aug 17. Led by Father Peter Wee, CsSR and his fellow Redemptorists, its purpose was to reach out to all parishioners, to encourage their faith and to strengthen their sense of belonging to the Church. The last parish mission was conducted about 15 years ago.

Father Henry Siew, the parish priest spearheaded the tireless efforts along with a core team who stepped forward in collecting census, recruiting volunteers and planning the schedules weeks ahead to bring all the missioners to the very doorsteps of the parishioners. Many came forward to assist as drivers, guides, stewards for food and hospitality and liturgical servers.

Despite the planning and organising, there were hiccups. There were moments of frustration and agitation, due to physical fatigue, incomplete data, and miscommunication. However, despite the pitfalls, the core team was satisfied with its contribution. Parishioners felt wonderful about the personal visits of the missioners to their homes. It was a great opportunity for them to share their faith, their relationship with the church and for others, their personal problems.

The core team was happy to collaborate with the priests with whom they have built a strong relationship during the weeks of mission.

The second part of the Mission will be the nine-nights preached mission in preparation for the parish feast day. A food and fun fair, and dinner will be held at the church grounds to conclude the mission.

There will be ongoing efforts to build many Small Christian Communities as follow-up to the home mission. The Redemptorists’ next mission is at the parish of St. Francis Xavier.

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