(Top) The wash area. (Bottom) The dormitory. Photos provided by Boy’s Town

SINGAPORE – Boys’ Town Singapore plans to hold a carnival to raise funds for its $15-million building project.

The Catholic charitable institution’s executive director, Mrs Irene Loi, says the generosity of donors is needed to help the boys build a new future.

One urgent need is to provide family-style dormitories that can house between eight and 10 boys to allow the residents to build bonds within small-community living, she said.

Currently, three army barrack -style dormitories are shared between the 66 residents, while a fourth is converted with its use split between a sick bay and a small workstation. The building, which houses the current dormitories, was built about 60 years ago.

Seventeen year-old Ryan (not his real name), who has been living in Boys’ Town for two years, described the dormitories to be in a “worn-out state”, “small and crowded without much privacy”, as beds and lockers are positioned near together.

Some of the toilet doors are about to fall off, he said, and electricity outage sometimes occurs during severe thunderstorms. Some of the existing shower heads are broken.

The proposed capacity of the new dormitories is 80. The dormitories will feature an increase in individual space while new beds, cupboards and lockers will be provided. Each dormitory will also see improved toilet and bathroom facilities, compared to the existing squatting-type toilets.

There will be enhancements including a computer room with 10 computers, a study hall and a television room.

The building project will be carried out over three years. The first involves the construction of a brand new dormitory block; the next phase involves the renovation of the existing block which will be used for counselling and activity rooms.

So far, Boys’ Town has raised S$6 million for the building project and is short of S$9 million.

As part of their fund-raising efforts, Boys’ Town will hold a carnival with food and game stalls, and a jumble sale at Liang Court from Sep 10-12, 11.00am to 9.00pm. Asia Malls sponsored the venue as Boys’ Town is the former’s adopted charity.

By Darren Boon
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